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Power Raking

Power Raking consists of removing dead grass debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over winter. It is also a gentle way to remove a small amount of thatch (old grass) from the lawn without causing damage to the lawn surface. Thick dead grass can often cause serious problems as it reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers, does not hold moisture and can lead to disease and insect problems.
We recommend power raking in the early spring months before new growth has begun.  Power raking is also a great service to combine with overseeding, as it opens the lawn surface so new seed could flourish.

How does Sunshine perform Power Raking?

Our crew will power rake the entire lawn surface area in a similar pattern to mowing a lawn. This brings the excess thatch (dead grass) to the surface, Sunshine crews will then hand rake and collect all debris in sturdy contained garbage bags.  As a finishing touch Sunshine will blow off your sidewalks to achieve a clean polished appearance.

Benefits of Power Raking

  • Increases effectiveness of fertilizers, watering and pest controls
  • Promotes a thicker healthier lawn


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