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Snow Removal & Plowing Services

Snow Removal and Management

Sunshine Landscaping also provides professional snow removal services including commercial plowing of parking lots,  sidewalk clearings , ice control and sanding. Our experienced crews are conscientious and reliable and use the most modern equipment for sidewalk and driveway snow removal. Seasonal, monthly, and per time services. For comprehensive service and a COMPLIMENTARY estimate of your snow requirements please call 403.999.LAWN (5296)


Depending on the designated trigger rate of either one or two inches, our plowing crew will arrive in the middle of the night to clear the snow from the parking lot area and deposit in a specified area. Sunshine crews pride themselves on back plowing all the debris from the building entrances and remove away from the busiest traffic areas. Our plowing services vary from per time charge to an all-in one time charge per month for unlimited clearings. Call for more details.

Sidewalks Clearings & Ice Melt

For a set monthly rate, based on the area being cleared, our crews will clear the specified areas free and clear of snow accumulation.  They will arrive, on a timely basis, upon each snowfall an unlimited number of times per month up to once every 24 hours .  Ice melt will be applied as necessary and charged by the pound unless otherwise specified.

For a free snow removal estimate, call (403) 999-LAWN (5296)


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